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Composition on Football Match You Have Witnessed

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Question: Write a short composition on “A Football Match You Have Witnessed“.

Answer: Football is a very popular and exciting game. It is a game of excitement and strength. I witnessed the most exciting football match at Dhaka Stadium last year. It was the final match of Asian Youth Tournament.

The match was played between China and India. It was held on Friday in an evening of summer. As the day was a holiday, the attendance of the spectators was unexpected. It was very difficult to collect a ticket. People stood in the queue from 12 noon. I could anyhow manage to buy a ticket after two hours’ waiting in the queue.

Then the struggle began for entry. There was a terrible rush of people through all the gates of Dhaka Stadium. I had to stand in the queue for more than an hour. I was sweating. There were hue and cry from among the crowd.

The collapsible gate was made open. People then began to enter the gallery like a stream. After waiting for about half an hour I managed to sit in a corner of the north gallery.

The game was scheduled to start at 6 pm-. The referee and the players entered the field before fifteen minutes. The spectators cheered them with clapping and waving hands from all corners of the stadium. Suddenly electric supply was disrupted and darkness engulfed the whole stadium. A great tension was prevailing among the spectators. After half an hour electricity resumed and the field was flooded with light. The two captains came up and shook hands. There was a toss of coin made by the referee to decide the position of both the teams. Soon the referee blew his whistle and the game started.

Nothing happened in the first half. The ball went from one player to another. The players were busy with passing, shooting and running with the ball just along the borderline. Just ten minutes after the recess, the Chinese team scored a goal. Thereafter, the excitement rose to the highest peak. In the midst of shoutings, the players of Indian team launched a desperate attack. Both the teams were equally strong. They both played with equal patience, intelligence and determination. Ten minutes before the end of the game, the Indian team scored a goal.

Indian team then began to try heart and soul. They were up and doing. The Indian players changed their method. They started to play the offensive game instead of defensive one. Only one minute before the whistle finally went off. Indian team scored another goal.

Thus they won by two goals to one. All the players moved around the stadium with their national flag amidst cheers and shouts. it was really an enjoyable match. The spectators enjoyed every moment of the game. I will remember the game for a pretty long time. There was seta keen contest between two teams. But all the players were very disciplined during the game. They took the match with sportsmanlike spirit.

There was a contest but no rivalry. There were excitement and enjoyment for the spectators. I can not but still, remember the game.

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