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Composition on An Exciting Football Match I Have Witnessed

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Introduction: football is an international game; I had the occasion the whiteness an interesting football match a few days ago. The game was played between our school team and our neighbouring D.N. Pilot High School team in our school field.

How started: the game began punctually at 4 P.M. The players entered the field with a majestic motion. The game started with a toss. It went in favour of our team. We arranged our players in the best possible way. The referee blew the whistle. Thus the game began. Our centre forward Md. Kabir first kicked the ball.

First half: the players of both the teams were very strong and skilful. They displayed a nice play. It was just a tug of war. Our forward, Md. Sumon went into action immediately. Luck seemed to be on our side from the beginning. Summon could dribble wonderfully. He was able to out with the rival players several times. But their goalkeeper was an expert hand. He could catch the ball all the time. The spectators witnessed the game with keen interest. There were a lot of shouts and rejoices and around. The first half ended with no goal on either side. We offered our players ice and lemon juice for refreshment.

Second half: the second half began after a recess of ten minutes. Our team began to play with utmost vigour and promptness. They made frequent attacks. The rival team was also up and doing in their actions. There was a wonderful scene of attacks and counter-attacks between the teams. It created a very suffocation situation in the field. Suddenly our team got a corner kick. It brought a good luck for us. We scored a goal. We were wild with joy and excitement and shouted in great ecstasy. The whole field was ringing with the ear-deafening shouts, ‘goal’ ‘Goal’. We danced in joy. Then there were only five minutes left.

Last five minutes: the game started again. The visiting team now grew furious and tried to return to jail. The game grew more contesting and exciting. All of a sudden they made a serious attack. I was holding my breath. But fortune favoured us. The ball went over the bar. I heaved a sigh of relief. Then they moved heaven and earth to repay the goal but in vain. The time was over. The referee blew the final whistle. Thus our team carried the day. We left the field with hearts full of great joy and merriment.

Feeling after the game: though the game came, too and end, it seemed to me that the time had passed away swiftly. It reminds me of the poet’s feelings,

“The day so soon has glided by
Even like the passage of an angle’ tear.”

Still now, the sweet memory of the game floats up before my mind’s the eye and gives me immense joy and pleasure. Let me quote the words of the poet,

“I gazed and gazed but little thought,
What wealth the show to me had brought.”

Conclusion: it was indeed an enjoyable game. The memory of the game shall remain ever fresh in my mind.

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