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Essay on The Game of Football Or, The Game I Like Best Or, Your Favorite Game

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[Hints: Introduction, Playground, how it is played, Rules and regulations, Conclusion.]

Introduction: There are many outdoor and indoor games in the world. The football game is an outdoor game. I like football game among the outdoor games. It is now a popular game. In almost every school and village there is a football team. It has come to this country from England and nowadays is played all over the world.

Playground: It is played on a large field 110to 120 yards long and 70 to 80 yards wide. There are two posts at each of the opposite ends of the field. They are eight yards apart and have a bar on them. The bar is put eight feet above the ground.

How it is played: The game is played between two parties of eleven players on each side. There is one goalkeeper, two hacks, three halfbacks, and five forwards on each side. A ball is placed at the center of the field. No player on either side except the two goalkeepers can touch the ball with their bands. The referee who guides the game blows a whistle and the play begins. The whole games are divided into two equal parts with an interval of 10 to 15 minutes between them. The sides are changed after the interval. Both sides try their best to defeat the other.

Rules and regulations: The game is played according to some rules. Every player must abide by those rules. The decision of the referee is final in all the matters on the field. Of course, there can be made a protest against the decision of the referee to the game committee after the game is over.

Conclusion: It is a good form of exercise us to be prompt, cautious and careful. It makes us strong, hard and cheerful. It has also a great risk, sometimes our legs or other parts of the body may be fractured at this game.

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