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Composition on A Country Game: Ha-Du-Du

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Introduction: Bangladesh is a land of villages. Games played in the villages are normally called country games or local games. Some games are common in almost them ha-du-du Daria-Bandha, Gallacher, Dandsa-Guli, hide and seek etc. are worth mentioning. To my mind ha-du-du, it the most interesting of all the local games. It is a popular game in rural areas of our country.

Field the players/description: ha-du-du requires a small playground a ground where ha-du-du is played, is divided into two equal parts. A line is drawn across the middle of the field.
The young, strong and stout boys of the country play ha-du-du. There are two teams. Each team consists of six or nine players. In selection, the referee decides the number of the players. Usually, 6 to 13 players form a party in this games.

How it is played: the players of both parties take their respective part and stand face to face in a line or in the form of a semi-circle. Then the game starts. A referee guide over the game. One player of party runs to the other part stopping his breath with a sound ha-du-du. He tries to touch a player or players or the opponent party. If he can touch a player or players and reach his own part with his breath interact, he remains in life. But the opposing player or players he touched, is or are ‘dead’, playing. On the contrary, if he is caught and seized in the opponents half, he is treated as ‘dead’, the dead player or players cannot play. They wait on the ground until a player of their team can touch a player or players of the opponent party. Then the dead player came back to life and joins the game again. Thus the parties send forth players one by one to the rival’s area. The round is over when all the players on one side are dead. The round is over then all the players on one side are dead having its player alive is declared a winner in the game. In this way, two or three rounds are played. There remains a preface in the game whose decision in all the matters is final. And this is the customary rule of this game.

Usefulness: ha-du-du is a country or local game. It makes us strong, healthy and active. It removes our tiredness. It refreshes our mind. It teaches us discipline and co-operation. Outdoor games as ha-du-du is now a part of our education.

Abuses: this game has some abuses. It is a risky game. In this game clash can happen and the players many be hurt or hit by the opponent players.

Conclusion: though ha-du-du is very exciting and risky, it is very amusing and interesting, it gives pleasure to both the players and the spectators. Our villagers who are physically strong, play this game willingly. Normally when fields remain dried.

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