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Paragraph on My Favorite Game/ Sports/ The Most Exciting Game

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The name of my favorite game is football. It is played all over the world. It is the most exciting game. This is an outdoor game. The game is not very costly. The game ends in one hour and a half. This short time makes the game more popular. During the game, spectators remain incomplete excitement and suspense. This is the only and one game that is so thrilling and exciting from the first to the last. It needs a. big field. The field is 120 yards long and 80 yards wide. There are two goal-posts in the field. The game needs two teams to play. Each team has 11 players. The ball is placed at the center of the field. The referee whistles and the game start. Each team tries to score goals to win. In this game, none but the two goalkeepers can touch the ball. The game is divided into parts. These are the first half and the second half. The team scoring more goals wins the game. The importance of the game is great. The game makes the players strong, healthy and energetic. So, the players remain immune from diseases. The struggle of the game helps us to reach our goals. The game teaches us group discipline, leadership, friendship, and brotherhood. We also get the lesson of tolerance and obedience from this game. For all these reasons, it is my favorite game.

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