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Composition on Tea Or, A Popular Drink

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Introduction: tea is the most popular drink in the world today. It is very refreshing. It has become so popular that even in a remote village a guest or visitor today is entertained with a cup of tea. It is really a good stimulant. This plant is an evergreen shrub.

Where grown: tea plants grow well in the sloping of the hills where there is much rainfall as well as sunshine. Tea is extensively grown in Sri-lanka, China, and Japan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and India. In Bangladesh, there are tea gardens in the hilly parts of Sylhet, Comilla and Chittagong hill tracts.

The process of cultivation: the seedlings are transplanted in the tea gardens and planted in rows at small intervals. After a certain stage in their growth, the twigs of the plants are pruned and the buds are nipped up so that they cannot reach a height of more than their feet or so.

Plucking of leaves: the leaves are plucked four times a year in April, June, July, and August. After gathering the leaves and buds they are rolled by machine and dried in burning fire.

Preparation: the preparation of tea is again along with an interesting process. Water is first boiled in a kettle and the desired quantity of tea dust is put in it. After a few minutes, the boiled leaves are separated from the liquor. Then the liquor is poured it no cups. Some milk and sugar are mixed with it. Thus we get tea as a tasty drink.

Usefulness and bad effect: tea is a refreshing beverage. All people rich and poor and habituated to drink tea. It gives us freshness and increases our energy after prolonged toil.

Conclusion: Bangladesh produces a large quantity of tea. She earns a lot of foreign currency by exporting it to foreign countries. However, more scientific cultivation and preparation can promote the market Bangladeshi tea in the world.

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