Composition on Tea or The Tea of Bangladesh

Introduction: Tea is the most popular drink in the present-day world. A modern man cannot think of starting a day without having a cup of tea in the morning. Tea is one of the main cash crops of Bangladesh.

Where grown: tea grows best on the slopes of hilly regions. It is now grown in large quantities in China, India, Japan and Bangladesh. Tea is obtained from the leaves of tea plants. It usually grows to a height of ten to twelve feet. Tea grows best in the hot and moist climate.

How gathered: tea leaves are plucked three or four times in years. The first plucking takes place in April. It gives the finest tea. The second plucking takes places in May, the third in June and the fourth in August. These leaves are taken to a house by a machine and dried and dried on a charcoal fire.

How tea is prepared: the preparation of tea is very simple. A small amount of black leaves of tea is put in a pot containing boiling water. In a few minutes, the water gets brown. Then this poured into a cup. Some sugar and milk are now mixed with it. This is how tea is prepared.

Uses of Tea: Tea is a very popular drink. It refreshes our body and mind. It gives energy for work. It is used for making dye. It brings a lot of foreign exchange for us. It is injurious to health to take much of tea.

Conclusion: we should make all-out efforts to increase tea production in our country.

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