Paragraph on the Tea

Tea is a very common and refreshing drink. This is also a popular drink. It gives energy and refreshment. The tea plant is a low-bushy shrub. It is an evergreen plant. It grows on the slopes of hills where rains fall heavily but water does not stand. The seeds are generally planted in March the seedlings are planted five to six feet apart. They are watered well. The plants require branches that are often cut off. So they produce plenty of leaves. Leaves are collected three or four times a year. They are dried in the air and heated over the slow fire. Old leaves do not give good tea. Young and tender leaves give the best kind. Tea is first grown in China. Now tea grows in plenty in Sylhet and Chittagong in Bangladesh. In Darjeeling and Assam in India, Srilanka and Japan tea grow well. Every year Bangladesh earns a lot of foreign currency by exporting tea.

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