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Short Paragraph on The Jute

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Question: Write a paragraph on ‘Jute’. In your paragraph, describe what jute is, how, where and in what climatic condition it is cultivated and its impact on our National Economy.

Answer: Jute is the fiber of the jute plant. It is called the golden fiber of Bangladesh. It grows in a warm moist climate with sufficient rainfall. The soil of Bangladesh is especially suitable for its growth. So, Bangladesh is the largest producer of jute. It is a tall slender plant. It grows from eight to ten feet high It has no branches. Seeds are sown in Falgoon and Chaitra. The jute plants mature in Sravan and Bhadra. Then they are cut down and put underwater for some days. Then they get rotten. Now their barks are separated from the stalks. They are then washed in clean water and dried in the sun. Thus, we get jute. It has a great demand in the world markets. By exporting jute to other countries, Bangladesh earns a lot of foreign exchange.


The golden fiber of Bangladesh

Jute is a kind of fiber. it is called the golden fiber of Bangladesh. Bangladesh earns 70% of its total foreign exchange from jute. Jute grows well in Bangladesh. Jute grows well in the plain-low land. Farmers plow the land well. Then the seeds are sows from March to April. When the plants grow a little height, the fields are weeded out, after three or four months the plants are cut down and put underwater to rotten. After two or three weeks, rotten plants are taken up and their fiber is separated from the stalks. Then it is washed in clean water and dried in the sun. it this way jute is made ready for sale. Jute is very useful things to us. It is used in making ropes, paper, and clothes. The stalks are used as fuel and fencing. The tender leaves of jute are used as vegetables. Jut is sold to foreign countries and it brings enough foreign exchange to us. Jute is a great wealth of Bangladesh. It is very useful to us.


Paragraph on Jute

Question: Write a Paragraph about ‘Jute’ by answering the following questions.

  1. What is jute?
  2. Where is it grown?
  3. What kinds of things are made of it?
  4. What kinds of benefits do we get from it?
  5. Why is it called golden fiber?

Answer: Jute is a very important cash-crop in Bangladesh. It grows in other countries also. But the jute grown in Bangladesh is the best both in quality and standard. Gunnies, bags, ropes, mats, carpets, and paper are made of jute. By exporting jute and jute product Bangladesh earns a lot of foreign exchange. Thus jute is called the golden fiber of Bangladesh. Jute plants grow in a warm, moist climate with abundant rainfall. But nowadays the cultivation of jute is to be set with many handicrafts. These handicrafts should be removed for the very excellence of Bangladesh. As by exporting jute we earn foreign exchange, we should carefully cultivate it.

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