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Composition on Rice or Staple Food of Bangladesh

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Rice is our staple food. It is obtained from the paddy plant.

The hot but moist climate is suitable for growing paddy. It grows in Bangladesh, China, Japan, India, Myanmar, Russia, Egypt, Italy and in some parts of America.

There are three principal kinds of paddy. They are Aus, Aman, and Boro. There is another variety of paddy called IRRI.

Boro grows in the beds of the river and on low marshy land. The seedlings are transplanted where water reaches the bottom. Aman and Aus require bet tilling. Weeding and manuring are necessary for the rapid growth of paddy plants. Aus is harvested in the moths of Ashar and Shravan. Aman seeds are first scattered on muddy lands. When they grow up to a Hight of two or three feet, the ears of grains appear at the top. They become ready for harvesting in the month of Agrahayan or Poush. Then they are brought home and separated from the stalks. It is then dried in the sun. IRRI grows almost in all the seasons. It requires constant irrigation and application of manure.

Rice obtained when dried paddy is husked either by dhenki or by rice mills. In the rural areas, dhenki is used.

Stalks and chaffs are used as fodder for cattle. The boiled rice is called ‘Bhat’ in our country. Chira, muri, Khai, cakes, and many other palatable foods are made from it.

Both the Government and the people should take steps for an increase in its production to meet up the shortage of food.

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