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Composition on Staple Food of Bangladesh

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Introduction: rice is a staple food of the people of Bangladesh. It is also one of the main foodstuffs of the people of India, Burma, Japan, and some other countries. It is obtained from the seed of a plant called paddy.

Where grown: Rich grows well in hot and moist climate and in low-lying land white heavy rainfall occurs. Bangladesh is one of the largest producers of rich.

Kinds of rice: rich is mainly of four kinds, which grow in our country. They Aus, Aman, Boro, and IRRI. Aus is grown in April and reaped in July or August. Aman is transplanted in between July and August and reaped in December. Boro is in winter and reaped in spring. Recently, IRRI is widely cultivated throughout the year for its high yield. It grows well where irrigation facilities are available.

How to prepare: when paddy ripens, grains are separated from hay by getting trodden upon by oxen. Rich from paddy many is of two kinds. Atop and Siddha. When paddy is dried in the sun and husked for rice, it is called atop or un-boiled rice, when the paddy is first boiled and then dried and husked, it is called boiled rich. Husking is done either by a mill or by Dheki.

Usefulness: rice is the chief food of Bangladesh. Various kinds of food are prepared from rice. So rice is the most useful food grain of Bangladesh. The straw and the husks of paddy are not also left without uses. They are used as fuel.

Conclusion: no other cereal is as useful as rice in Bangladesh. SO proper, steps should be adopted for ample production of this most vital foodstuff.

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