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Paragraph on the Tea: A Popular Drink

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Tea is a popular drink. It is a hot drink. People from all over the world take tea. Tea plant grows from its seed. It was first grown in China. Tea grows best in hot and moist countries. It needs rainfall. It never grows in standing water. The slopes of hills are the best places for its cultivating. Tea grows plenty in China, Brazil, India, and Sri Lanka. In our country, it grows well in Sylhet and Chittagong. At first, seeds are sown in a nursery. The seedling is transplanted in rows. They are not allowed to grow more than five feet. When tea plants are four years old leaves are taken from them. Tea leaves are picked in April – August. They are dried in the air and heated on the fire. Its preparation is very easy.  Some quantity of tea leaves is kept I boiling water for three or four minutes. Milk and sugar are mixed with it. Then it becomes a drink. Tea is a common drink. People of all classes take it for refreshment. When we are fed up with works, we take tea for refreshment. Bangladesh earns a lot of foreign currency by exporting tea. Tea is a good drink. Too much of it is bad. So, we should not take it much.



The Tea (The Most Popular Drink)

Tea is a popular drink. Almost all men – rich or poor, young or old, have tea once or twice a day. Tea is cheap and refreshing. Tea grows well in China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. In Bangladesh, there are a lot of tea gardens in Sylhet and Chittagong. Tea grows well on the dry slopes of hills and mountains are the best places for the cultivation of tea. Tea planter’s snow seeds of plants in rows, three or four feet apart. When the plants grow to about six feet height, they are pruned. The plants then grow bushy and bear a good number of leaves. Tender leaves are plucked and dried in the sun. Sometimes these leaves are soaked before they are allowed the dry. The dried leaves are packed and ready for sale. To make tea is not a hard task. The leaves are put in the boiling water which is poured cups through a strainer. Then some sugar and milk are added to make it tasty. Then the tea is ready for being taken. Tea is one of the cash crops of Bangladesh. We can earn a lot of foreign currency by exporting it. So, we should take of its growing.

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