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Composition on Rural Development in Our Country

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Introduction: the whole of Bangladesh is the land villages. Ninety percent of our total populations live in the rural area. The culture and the civilization of our total populations live in the rural area. The culture and the civilization of our country have grown up from the heart of our village life.

Causes for the downfall of our rural condition: the poets of our county once sang the songs of the beauty and prosperity of the villages. Once there was a time when the farmers of our country had plenty of paddies in their barns, cows in the cow-sheds and fish in the ponds and tanks.

What steps are necessary to improve our rural areas: after the achievement of independence it is naturally hoped that villagers will see their happy days again. The villagers took an important role during past liberation period. The following steps should be taken for the development of our rural areas:

  • Agricultural development: to solve the shortage of foodstuff “grow more food” is essential. Modern scientific methods of cultivation should be adopted for the development of agriculture.
  • Development of cottage industries: agriculture alone cannot maintain such a large population. Cottage industry and agriculture must, therefore, go hand in hand. If we try to back again for the development of our cottage industries it will be a great help for the rapid development of our country.
  • Improvement of public health: the people of the rural areas are now in ill health. Their health has been broken down for want of sufficient food and with the attack of the different disease. They should be given proper facilities of hospitals, doctors, and medicines.
  • Improvement of the source of recreations: it is now essential to back our educated and well-to-do people to the village. But on what attraction they would back to the village? If they do not get the way of earning food and mental amusement, it is impossible to back them to the village.

Conclusion: we should, therefore, think much for the improvement of our rural areas. “Go back to the village” may become successful if we co-operate with the development of the rural areas of our country.

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