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Paragraph on Life in The Village

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Question: Write a paragraph about ‘Life in the Village’ by answering the questions below.

  • How is village life?
  • When do the villagers get up from bed?
  • How do many rich people live in the village?
  • How do the landless people live in the village?
  • How do some landlords and businessmen live in the village?

Answer: Life in the village is simple and usually uneventful. It is tranquil and calm. Generally, village people go to bed early and get up from bed early in the morning with the chirping of birds. Most of the villagers lead a very simple life. But nowadays electricity is available in rural areas. Many rich people live in modern and brick-built houses. The landless peasants are very poor. They live in huts or thatched houses. They live from hand to mouth. Sometimes they can not manage two square meals in a day. Sometimes land-lords exploit the poor landless people of the village. They wear costly dresses. But most of the villagers are ill-fed and ill-clad. Almost all the villagers are religious-minded.

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