Composition on The Peasants of Bangladesh

Question: Write a composition that expresses your opinion about “The Peasants of Bangladesh”.

Answer: Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Most of her people depend on agriculture and they live in the village. Peasants are illiterate, poor and helpless. But they are very hard working. They work from dawn to dusk. Still, they cannot manage food two times a day and maintain their family well. The peasants who are engaged in cultivation are either landless or marginal farmers. They have a very few acres of land or no land of their own. Peasants who do not have their own land, cultivate the land of other landlords or rich farmers on contract basis to get a stipulated share of the total production.

Usually, a peasant gets up very early in the morning and works until it is noon. At noon he comes home, has some meal and takes rest for a while. Then again, he returns to his field and works till it is dark. A peasant leads a very simple life. He lives in a hut or a thatched house. He is ill-fed, ill-clad and ill-treated. He does not have any great ambition. He never thinks about power, fame and modern amenities of life. He cannot send his children to school. He never hankers after money. He has no greed. He only thinks about his land, his bullocks and plow, and crops. He does not bother about the modern world.

Peasants of our country are illiterate and superstitious. They never think about modern and scientific method of cultivation. Peasants who well off do not cultivate themselves. Their children stay in towns and cities to study there.

The peasants of Bangladesh always depend on the whims of nature. As a result, they have to suffer a lot. Natural calamities like flood, drought, cyclone damage their crops and houses. Besides, they cannot get reasonable price for their products for which they always face deficiency. Our govt should provide loans without interest, provide training facilities, transfer of technical know-how, supply fertilizers, insecticides and good seeds at the minimum cost. Then the condition of our peasants will be improved.

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