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Composition on Co-Operative Farming

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Introduction: Bangladesh is predominantly agricultural country. She has plenty of fertile cultivable lands and a hard working. Peasantry tied to the soil. With growing population she has been facing with chronic shortage of food. For this, the blame lies squarely on her outmoded system of farming. She has a land of small scale farming; the small farmers cultivates fragmented plot of land in the primitive ways. It is not all a matter of pride rather of casting shame that her peasantry yet uses methods of cultivation that have long been lumbered. This is demonstrated by her low yield of crop per are. It compares most unfavorable with the technically advanced people of East and West.

Co-Operative Farming:In consideration of these Bangladesh Government has taken a comprehensive scheme of Co-Operative Farming. He scheme is yet at the theatrical stage of discussion. But the outline of its based on the general principles to agricultural farming. Thus owners of contagious lands are to be asked to have their holdings joined in a scheme of helpful partnership. The small agricultural holdings will be merged in larger co-operative units.

Compared: at present the owner of capital impose terms which the peasant has to accept. But a co-operative farm, aided by the resources department of the agricultural Bank. In this manner the resources would not only be more productive but also more economical in the long run.

Its spread: the oppositions to co-operative farming who are bound to tradition and cannot adjust their, minds to changing conditions of modern life, may be jeopardizes the success of the scheme. He can be induced to adopt new ideas any time, he sees the advantage thereof. Hence the scheme can be advanced only by educating the peasantry. Organized propaganda may gradually win the peasant to join in the scheme. Once he can be convinced with the enormous benefits of large scale farming, he will really be infavour of scheme.

Conclusion: the state also has other duties than mere propaganda. It must be granted subsidies at the initial stage. This can be done through the Reserve Bank as in the case of Co-Operative banking, it also must provide the necessary technical personnel as well as the agricultural expert.

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