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Paragraph on Amina, Who Made a Difference in Her Life Through Hard Work


  • Who is Amina?
  • What was her condition?
  • How did they become homeless?
  • Why did they sell their cattle and household articles?
  • How did they begin to pass their days?
  • How did Amina change the condition of her family by taking a loan from the Grameen Bank?
  • What is Amina now in her locality?

Answer: Amina was a farmer’s wife. Her family was quite well off. She was happy in her family consisting of seven members, her four children and their grandmother, she and her husband. But in one rainy season, the mighty Padma washed away all of her cultivable lands. Though they could shift their cattle and household articles, they were homeless. They had to sell all their cattle and household article to buy a piece of land to live on. Her husband had no work to do. They had to go through hardship. It was very difficult for her and her husband to maintain herself and her family. Just then she came to know that Grameen Bank distributes loan among landless women. She became a member of the Grameen Bank Co-operative and took a loan from the Bank. With this money, she bought 20 chickens. After few months the chickens began to lay eggs. She helped her family by selling those eggs. After six months the number of chickens increased to 50. After one year her chickens increased to 1000. Now she could help her family by selling both eggs and chickens. Amina’s family became well off again. She could improve her financial condition