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Paragraph on Role of Women in the Development Process

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Question: Write a paragraph about the ‘Role of Women in the Development Process’ by answering the questions below.

  • What is the need for women’s participation in development?
  • How can women play an important role in our development?
  • In what sector is their importance ignored and why?
  • What will happen if our women are educated and trained?
  • Why should the participation of our women be ensured?

Answer: It is popularly believed and appreciated that no nation can think of the development of the country without involving women in the development process. Women in our country constitute 50% of the total population. So there is no denying that they play a significant role in the development of the country. Just a few years ago women were not allowed to come outside and participate in the economic affairs of the country. Society could only allow them in the role of a primary level teacher and a nurse. But that time is over. Now educated women have proved their ability as well as talent. In the office, in banks, in schools, colleges and universities, and in the armed forces they are proving their efficiency and intelligence. There are women doctors and nurses who are ensuring treatment facilities for people in building up a healthy nation. Women’s participation in politics is also worth mentioning. Their leadership is so successful that they have been able to occupy the highest position like the Prime Minister of the country. Illiterate women are also making their contribution to the development of the country. 90% of our garment workers are women. The participation of rural women in the socio-economic development of the country has made a revolutionary change in our rural economy. Some of them are raising poultry, rearing cattle, making vegetable gardens, running handicraft businesses, and many other things taking loans from Grameen Bank and other N.G.Os. If the country can ensure education and a better working environment for women they are sure to contribute more and more to the development of the country.

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