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Paragraph on A Garment Worker

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A man who works in a garments factory is known as a garments worker. An ordinary garments worker in our country leads a very laborious life. His/her day starts very early in the morning and ends at about 10 p.m. She/he starts for working place at about 7 am. She/he is to pass a long way every day to reach the factory. She/he goes to the factory on foot. Sometimes on the way she has to endure obscenity or slang words and evil commands of the vagabonds and hoodlums from various corners. He/she is to tolerate all bad comments. In the factory, he/she works in a congested room. The atmosphere of his/her working place is very unhealthy. He/she has to work in a congested room.

Sometimes she/he works all day long resting on his/her feet. There is no seat to sit upon. She eats a very poor lunch with her colleagues in the factory. Almost every day he/she takes his/her lunch from home. She is given a break for half an hour. She works in the factory for long hours till deep at night. She likes working in a factory rather than in a household. She is used to doing overwork. In spite of his/her hard-working he/she is given small wages. With this small income, he/she has to manage his/her family. So, he/she is unable to take proper food, treatment, wear new clothes, and educate his/her children. In spite of playing an important role to advance our economic progress, he/she is not given honor and dignity. So, he/she should have been given better opportunities in the factory and society to lead a better and comfortable life beside us.

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