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Report on Unexpected Fire on A Garment Factory

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Question: Suppose you are a reporter of a famous T.V channel. You have experienced an unexpected fire in a garment factory. Write a report on it.


Garment Factory on Fire

Answer: Staff reporter, Dhaka, 15 July 2017: A devastating fire gutted Apex Garments, a large ready-made garments factory at Savar at about 5 a.m. on last Monday. The fire was supposed to be caused by the sudden outbreak of fire from the electric short circuit. Lack of sufficient fire extinguishers and presence of burnable like fabric and chemicals worsened the fire. According to the factory to factory sources, ready-made garments of about 2 crore taka, 570 sewing machines and almost all the turntables inside the factory burnt to ashes. As the fire broke out early in the morning, factory workers and other officials were not present there. However, 13 security personnel received serious burning injury and two among them succumbed to their injuries.

Fire Brigade appeared at the spot at about 7 a.m. But it was too late. Fire engulfed the seven-storied factory completely and took too terrible a turn to save the valuables. Yet the firefighters tried their best and managed to extinguish the fire by 10 a.m. A case has been filed with Saver Police Station in this connection and a three-member committee has been formed for a thorough investigation. The committee is supposed to submit its investigation report within 48 hours.

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