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Report on Fire Gutted Slum in City

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Question: Suppose you are a reporter from a renowned newspaper. Now, write a report on a terrible fire accident in your locality.

Fire Gutted Slum in City

Answer: At least one person was killed and three others were injured in a fire that gutted in city’s Bank Colony slum last night. About two hundred families live in the city’s Bank Colony slum. The fire started from a kerosene stove and it rapidly spread to adjacent shanties. The fire burnt at least four people. Among them, a girl, Ruma (10) later died as she was seriously injured. The slum dweller has lost their valuables and savings in the fire and now living under the open sky. The fire brigade reached the spot at about one hour later but they could not control the fire quickly as the passage was narrow. However, with the help of the slum-dwellers, they managed to control the fire from causing more loss. About fifty shanties and twelve shops have been gutted in the fire.

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