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Report on The Deplorable Condition of a Slum

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Question: Suppose, you are a reporter of ‘The Daily Star’. Prepare a report on the lamentable.


The Deplorable Condition of a Slum

Answer: Rustom Ali, Staff Reporter Dhaka, 29 May 2016: Many slums can be found in different parts of Dhaka city. Kamalapur slum is one of them. It is beside the Kamlapur railway station. It is a large slum. Most of the houses are tin-shed. Even some houses are without any roof. They are leading miserable lives. The living conditions of the dwellers of this slum are very unhygienic. Their dwelling place is so dirty that they always suffer from various kinds of diseases. They do not get any nutritious and hygienic food and pure drinking water is not available to them. As a result, they are being affected by various kinds of fatal diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, tuberculosis, jaundice, and typhoid. The children suffer from malnutrition. Most of them die premature death Rubbish and human waste around the slum is a common scene. While crossing the slum, a passer-by has to use his handkerchief on his nose as stink comes out from it. There may be a question how they live in such an inhuman condition. Different kinds of crimes are also committed here. Sometimes culprits hide here. Few slum dwellers also take the drug. It is seen that they are not aware of their condition. It seems that they are responsible for their misery. They are also responsible for polluting the environment by doing unwise things. They leave stool and urinate here and there. They never think of sending their children to the school. So consciousness about cleanliness and their miserable condition should be created among them.

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