Dialogue Between A Reporter and A Flood Victim

Question: Write a dialogue between a reporter and a flood victim.

Answer: A dialogue between a reporter and a flood victim:

Reporter: What’s the present condition?

Flood Victim: it’s caused a great havoc to the people. Actually, it has appeared as a curse for us.

Reporter: You’re right. The flood has made a great loss and suffering of the common people.

Flood Victim: Besides, it has destroyed a lot of our wealth and property especially houses, crops and cattle.

Reporter: Exactly.

Flood Victim: We, the farmers and the working class people, and the children are the worst sufferers.

Reporter: Are there any water-borne diseases?

Flood Victim: During the flood, many water-borne diseases broke out such as cholera. Diarrhea, dysentery diseases, etc.

Reporter: What the government should do, you think?

Flood Victim: Government should come forward to rehabilitate the flood victims immediately.

Reporter: Besides, you, the local people, should work hand in hand to lessen the havoc of flood.

Flood victim: We’re trying our best to overcome the situation.

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