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Composition on A Recent Flood I Witnessed

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Introduction: floods are no new matter in Bangladesh. Most of the part of this country is visited by a flood almost every year. Sometimes many districts go underwater and the result becomes very dismal. However, the memory of the recent flood in our area is veering fresh in my memory.

Description of the flood: it was the month of August, suddenly the water level began to rise sharply and in a few days the entire area was engulfed. Almost all the houses in our area went underwater. People Dagan to leave their houses with their domestic animals and the few things they could from the rushing water. They took shelter in neighbouring schools, other institutions and on high roads. Local and district administrations sent tents, food and other relief goods but they were a strong crisis of drink. Many people used impure water and quite a large number of them began to suffer from cholera, diarrhoea and other-borne diseases.

Effects of the flood: most of the cottages were washed away. The helpless people were rising and sinking into the sea of despair because most of the crops fields had gone underwater. Present suffering land a gloomy future made everyone very sad and full of great anxiety.

Conclusion: I was really shocked by this suffering condition of the people. The destructive scene of the flood still floats in my mind. We should check the fury and destruction of the flood as far as possible. It is the time we took some steps to do that.

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