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Composition on Floods in Bangladesh

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Introduction: the unusual swelling of water that overflows the banks of the rivers is called flood. Flood is a natural calamity. It is a great devil for us Bangladesh, being a low-lying riparian country, falls victim to floods almost every year.

Causes of floods: many are the causes of floods; excessive rainfall; rising of river ends; melting of snow on mountains; lack of sufficient canals and outing; obstacles of roads and forest; Fa-Rakka embankments etc.

Effects of floods: flood causes great havoc to lives and properties. Crops are damaged. Tresses are uprooted and houses are washed away. Human beings, cattle, and other domestic animals suffer from untold miseries. Communications are disrupted. Roads and high ways go under water. Famines and epidemics break out during and after floods and take heavy tolls of lives. The frequent occurrence of floods has thrown a great challenge on the smooth running of our national economy.

After effects: the after-effects of floods are more serious. Famine breaks out in the flood-affected areas and many people die for want of food. The prices of all essential things go up. Many dangerous diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery etc. Break out in an epidemic form. There is a serious scarcity of pure drinking water which causes great sufferings to the flood-stricken people. The economy of the country comes to a standstill.

Some notable floods: we are unfortunate that Bangladesh falls a victim to floods almost 1988 and 1998, as the most terrible in all respects. The flood of 1998 broke all the records of the past. Never before did water level rise so high nor was the duration soling. The whole country went under water. The miseries of the flood-stricken people knew no bounds. The life and living of more than six cores of people were gripped in distress. Besides, more than two core and fifty lacks people became shelterless. Again, more than 75% of the crops were damaged. Thousands of people died. All the economic activities of the country came to a standstill.

Relief operations: relief operations become badly needed for the flood-affected people. Government and voluntary organizations come forward to help the flood victims. Relief camps are set up at different places like schools and colleges. Relief materials like food, clothes, medicines etc. Are promptly distributed among the flood victims.

Measures to control flood: we can suggest the following ways to control floods in our country: rivers should be dredged regularly. More rivers and canals should be excavated. More sluice gates and outlets should be constructed at strategic points. More shelters should be set up at important places. More dams and embankments should be built along the coastal belts. Bangladesh government should come to an amicable settlement relief fund should be maintained to help the victims.

Good effects of floods: it needs no telling that floods are a great curse for us. Still then, floods are not altogether bad. Floods do a little good to man. Burring floods our rivers carry a lot of silts which make our soil fertile. As a result, many kinds of crops grow in plenty. Floods also wash away the waste materials.

Conclusion: flood is a great curse for us. The sooner the flood is controlled, the better-the better for a happier, healthier and wealthier life.

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