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Report on Environment Degradation Due to Indiscriminately Setting Up of Kiln (Brick-Field) Near the Locality


Question: Suppose you are a reporter on a TV Channel. Now write a report on environment degradation due to indiscriminately setting up of kiln (brick-field) near the locality.

Indiscriminate Setting Up of Kiln (Brick-Field)

Answer: Mishu, Ashulia, Dhaka, 17 December 2018: Indiscriminate setting up of kiln (Brick-field) has caused a serious type of environmental degradation in most part of Ashulia.

These kilns are causing air pollution, land degradation and deforestation in the district. Some of the brick-fields have been using the topsoil for producing bricks turning vast tracts of land infertile. Once the topsoil is taken away from land, no profitable crop can be grown there for several years. Although government rule makes it mandatory to set up the 120-feet permanent chimney in the brickfields, only 25-feet tin chimneys are being used. It causes the emitted smoke to pollute the environment on a much larger scale around the brickfields. People living near the brickfields, especially children and elderly people are often affected by various diseases including bronchitis and asthma, according to local doctors. Local people said the brickfield has never used coal since it’s setting up although some coal has been kept in front of the kiln for a long time. Locals alleged that almost all the brickfields in the area are violating government rules under the very nose of the law enforcers.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) says these brick-fields still use the 150-year-old method, which causes huge carbon emission and is highly energy-intensive. It is high time they adopted the new technology for producing bricks and keep the environment safe.

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