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Report on An Incident of Eve Teasing

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Question: Write a report on an incident of eve teasing.

Eve Teasing: A Social Curse

Answer: Staff reporter, Dhaka, 23rd Dec 2014: Of late eve teasing has become a very common topic of our newspapers. In comparison to the past record, the present situation is alarming. In 2010 about 65% of the school going girls becomes the victim and eve teasing is increased 43% in 2011. From the statistical data from 2011 shows that almost 50 girls were committed suicide and 13000 women’s teasing case was reported yet. Most of the others ignored this or didn’t want to report this because of the fear factor and not to be a part of social “gossip”. A 50 years aged mother was killed while she protested against the bullying of her daughter. A college teacher was also died for speaking out against the eve-teasing, Simi of Charukola, Fahima of Mirpur, and many other girl-students, workers and slum dwellers- were sufferers from eve teasing. Eve teasing is increasing at a very alarming rate in our country. We need to take a necessary step to prevent eve-teasing from the root. We need to focus on the prevention of eve-teasing from the family. If we can make the people more aware of it, if we can make the people believe that eve teasing is a social crime, this rate can go down.

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