Report on Human Chain to Protest Against Eve-Teasing

Question: Suppose, you are a reporter of  ‘The Daily People’. Recently the college teachers and students of your town formed a human chain to protest against Eve-teasing.

Now, write a report based on your observation.


Another Victim of Eve-Teasing: Human Chain in Protest

Answer: Sumon, staff correspondent, Comilla, 11 Jun 2017: Eave-teasing victimized a college girl Sham Sohani Mou (16) here at Mughaltoli in the town yesterday at about 11:30 am. With this, death toll around the country due to Eve-teasing reached to 19. The victim, a 1st-year student of Rajshahi College, had been irritated by her 24-year-old neighbor Zakir for several months, according to her family sources.

Yesterday while she was on her way to college, Himel along with some of his friends blocked her way and made suggestive remarks. As she protested they pulled her scarf off and slapped her in the face. No one around dared to come and help her from fear of teasers. Mou could not tolerate such insult and so return home she committed suicide with her scarf tied to the ceiling fan in her room. When the news of her suicide came out, all the students and teachers of the colleges of the town came out on the roads. They formed a long human chain from Shashan Gacha to Mughaltoli in protest of Eve-teasing. When asked, a protester Kibria said, this correspondent, “We earnestly hope, this human chain will create public awareness against Eve-teasing.”

Later, the students and teachers gathered in the town hall field. The gathering was addressed by Principal, Victoria Govt. College, Principal. Ajit Guha College and some other student leaders. They all demanded exemplary punishment of Zakir and his friends. Police Super, Rajshahi Abdul Quaiyum Said, “The miscreants will be brought to trial at any cost.” A case has been reported to be the field with Sadar Thana in this regard.

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