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Report on The Annual Cultural Week Held in A College

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Question: Suppose, you are Ayesha, a student of class XI of Nilgonj Govt. Mohila College. The cultural week of your college was observed a few days ago. Now. write a report on it.

The annual cultural week held in Nilgonj Govt. Mohila College

Answer: A colorful cultural week of Nilgonj Govt. Mohila College was held from 2nd January to 8th January this year at College auditorium. The students decorated the college compound nicely. A festive look prevailed everywhere in the college. The campus was also decorated with colorful festoon. A committee was formed for observing the week: The Principal, Prof. Liyakat Parvez was the chief patron. The opening programme was inaugurated by the local ‘M.P. During the days of the week, many competitions were held. On the last day, the education minister and the principal gave away the prizes among the winners. After that, a cultural programme was held. The students of xii class staged a drama which pleased the students. Finally, the principal delivered a brief speech.