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Composition on The Prize Giving Ceremony Held in Your College

Question: Write a short composition on “The Prize Giving Ceremony Held in Your College“.

Answer: The prize-giving ceremony is a very vital and significant occasion in the life of a college student. It has a far-reaching effect on the mind of a student. Some days ago such a prize-giving ceremony was held in our college.

The day for giving the award to the winners was fixed. The honourable Minister for education gave his consent to attend the function as the chief guest. The whole campus and the college-auditorium were decorated with colourful flags, festoons and banners. At 11 am the invited guests began to come in. The volunteers were ready to receive the guests. They guided the distinguished persons of the locality to the seats specially reserved for them. The guardians of the students took their seats. The students were in a very joyful mood.

At about 11:30 the chief guest arrived. The students received him with a bouquet of flowers. The Principal along with the teachers escorted the chief guest to the seat of honour. A loud burst of cheering welcomed him as he took his seat. The Principal took his seat beside the chief guest and presided over the ceremony.

The function began with the recitation from the holy Quran and the singing of our national anthem. The Vice-principal read out the Annual reports. He recounted the developments that had been carried out through the last years.

The chief guest advised the students to be attentive to their studies and build their moral character properly so that they may be the worthy citizens of the nation. The chief guest also gave assurance to provide more financial assistance for the development of the college.

Then the ceremony began. The Vice Principal called each recipient announcing the subject on which the award was offered. The winners of the award were cheered by all.

Finally, the Principal and President congratulated the chief guest, other distinguished guests, guardians and the students for their all-out co-operation for the success of the occasion. He also spoke earnestly about many difficulties that the institution had faced. He made an appeal to the government and the public not to undermine the importance of education because the welfare of our country depends on education. With the vote of thanks by the teachers and the students, the ceremony came to an end.

It was quite an enjoyable day. The day put an everlasting impression on my mind.