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Application for Permission for A Study Tour

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Question: Suppose you are the students of Daulatpur Govt. College. You want to arrange a study tour. Now write an application to your Principal for his permission.

01 January 2016
The Principal
Daulatpur  Govt College

Subject: Application for permission for a study tour.

Dear Sir,
We, the students of class XII, have undertaken a programme to visit Rangamati as a study tour during the next winter vacation. This type of visit is very important in many ways. We would be able to know many things about the life and culture of the tribal people. Well, would also be able to know about the Kaptai Hydro-electric Project.

Moreover, we would enjoy the scenic beauty of the Hill Tracts. This would enrich our knowledge as well as refresh our mind. The tour would be conducted by our English teacher and there would be around 20 students in our class. We need your permission in this respect. The total cost would be 20 thousand aka. We have managed 10 thousand Taka from our subscription. We need 10 thousand Taka more.

Yours sincerely,
Kawsar Rashid
Roll no 4
On behalf of the students of class XII

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