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Application for The Improvement of Common Room

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Question: Suppose you are Ratul. You are a student of class XI of K G College. You have a common room without modern facilities. Now, write an application to your Principal for increasing facilities in the college common room.


Write an application to the principal of your college for the improvement of your college common room.

01 January 2016
The Principal
B.A.F Shaheen College, Dhaka

Subject: Application for the improvement of common room

We, the students of your college, would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that we have a common room but this is furnished at all. This room cannot provide us enough facilities for recreation. The room is so small that only a few students can sit there at a time. Benches and chairs are not sufficient. There is no English daily here. Game articles are not sufficient. Many students loiter here and there without having proper facilities in the common room. So, the improvement of the common room is badly needed.

We, therefore, request you to take necessary steps for the improvement of our college common room.

Yours obediently
The students of
B.A.F. Shahen College

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