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Paragraph on College Common Room

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. Why is a common room important for a college?
  2. Where is the common room situated in your college?
  3. How is it furnished?
  4. What type of facilities does your common room provide?
  5. What do students do in the common room?

Answer: A common room in a college or any other educational institution is necessary for the recreation of the students during the recess. It gives students relief from the stress and strain of continuous lessons. The students may play various indoor games, meet with other students, and thus may socialize here. The common room of our college is situated a bit away from the classrooms. It is near the college canteen. It is furnished with a long table for playing table tennis, small tables and chairs for playing chess and the relevant sports goods. The students play chess, table tennis, carom etc. in their off periods. Some students only watch the games and gossip. Sometimes, student leaders address the general students to make them aware of their problems. There are a daily newspaper and weekly magazines in our common room. Many students read them to keep them well informed about the world today.


A College Common Room

A college common room is a place of recreation for the students of a college. Students come here to spend their leisure time during their off periods. There are arrangements for indoor games, such as table tennis, chess, carom, ludo, cards, etc. in a. In some common rooms, we find daily newspapers, weeklies, radio, and televisions for the recreation of the students. In big colleges, the common room is very well-furnished and well-decorated. The college common room is a source of recreation for college students. It helps the students to refresh both their minds and body.

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