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Paragraph on What Should Do to Improve English

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English an international language. You should learn it very carefully. To learn it well you must lake a lot of practice of speaking it. First, you have to study English regularly right from the beginning of the school year. You must not do cramming, and then you must try to understand what you read. You have to make own notes, get them corrected by your teacher and revise them frequently. Next, you must read your lessons thoroughly and have a fairly good command of the language. After that, you have a fairly good command of the language. After that, you have to read story books written in simple English. Finally, you must note down the unknown words and look up then in the dictionary. To improve your speaking power you must speak to yourself in English. Besides, you will start speaking English to the members of your family, your friends, and teacher and to everybody. Thus by speaking listening to other people speaking correct English and above all by increasing your vocabulary, you will be able to improve your speaking power in English as well.


How to Improve Your English

English is an international language. No one can prosper in life without learning it. But learning English is not easy. If you want to learn English you need to do certain things. First of all, learn some rules of this language. Secondly, read English storybooks, novels, and newspapers. Look up the unknown words into a good dictionary and write down their meanings into a notebook. It will enrich your vocabulary in English. thirdly watch English news and movies on TV. Fourthly, think in English and write down your thought in English. Finally, converse in English with your classmates, friends, and relatives. If it is not possible, speak to yourself in English. Thus, you can improve your English very quickly.

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