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Paragraph on How to Improve Speaking Power in English

Question: Your friend cannot speak well in English. Write a paragraph telling him how he can increase/ improve his speaking power in English. You may use the following keywords:

First, then, next, after that, finally

Answer: English is a foreign language. To learn it well you must make a lot of practice of speaking it. First, you speak to yourself in English. For instance, when you go to have a bath, you should say- “I’m going to have a bath. I’ve had my bath” and things like that. Then, you must be sure that you are alone. Because he/she may call you, mad. Next, you have to give up your shyness and practice speaking to yourself always. After that, you have to read more books and English dailies to increase your vocabulary and listen to other people speaking correct English. Finally, you will then start speaking to the members of your family, to your friends, and teachers and to everybody. Thus, you will be able to improve your speaking power in English.


How to Improve Speaking Power of English

To improve his speaking power English it will need English grammar and a dictionary. At first every day it will memorize a minimum of 10 words with their usages and meaning. Then it will write down them in his own diary. Next, it will practice them to make a sentence and use them for conversation. After that, it will recollect them all day long. Always it will keep a good company and talk to them in English. Finally if faces any problem must consult to the teachers. Moreover, it will read the daily English newspapers regularly.