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Dialogue Between You and Your Friend About Improving Your English

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Question: Suppose, you are Nibeet. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend Nipa about improving your English.

Answer: A dialogue between Nibeet (myself) and Nipa (my friend):

Nipa: Hello Nila, what’s wrong.with you? You look a little bit exhausted.

Nila: Oh. don’t say! I couldn’t do well in my last English exam.

Nipa: I’m sorry. How can I help you, my friend?

Nila: I don’t know how to improve my English.

Nipa: Well. you know. English is a foreign language for us.

Nila: Yes. It’s an international language and hence important for us.

Nipa: You’re right. Now, if we want to improve our English, we must use it more and more.

Nila: How’s that? You know. I don’t know English well. Then how can I use it more and more?

Nipa: You’re not right at this point. Just tell me who taught you Bangla? You can speak it fluently.

Nila: Actually nobody. Perhaps I learnt to speak in Bangla through speaking in it.

Nipa: That’s it. In the same way, we can learn to speak, reading, writing and listening in English.

Nila: Well, I’ll try. But you know, there’ll be a lot of mistakes.

Nipa: You can never learn or improve anything without making a mistake.

Nila: But to make real improvement. I must overcome mistakes.

Nipa: You’re right. And for that. you’d read English newspapers and books written in English.

Nila: Anything else?

Nipa: Yes. You’d watch English TV news regularly.

Nila: That’s all?

Nipa: Yes indeed.

Nila: Thank you very much. I’ll try my best to follow your suggestions.

Nipa: You’re most welcome.

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