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Paragraph on How You Can Becoming A Good Student

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Question: your friend doesn’t know how he will become a good student. Write a paragraph telling him how he will become a good student. You may use the following keywords to write your paragraph.

[first, then, next, after that, finally]

Answer: Becoming a good student needs regular studies. If you want to become a good student, there are certain things first you must do and there are certainly other things you must not do. You just need to prepare very well for the examination. To do so you have to study regularly. You should not neglect your studies at the beginning of the school term. Then you should understand what you want to read. Because it’s not good to memorize things without understanding or thinking about them. Next, you should make your own notes our self and revise them frequently. After that, you should have a good command over the language. Because without having a good command of the language you will be unable to answer the unexpected questions off-hand. Finally, you should enrich your vocabulary. You can do it reading easy, interesting storybooks, and consult your dictionary. You should have interest in English Grammar a should know how sentences are made. You should read all the books through the year.

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