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Paragraph on How to Do Well in The Examination

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Question: Your younger brother is a bright student and he works very hard. But he cannot do well in his examinations. He wants to know the secret of good results. Write a paragraph telling him how to do well in the examination. You may use the following keywords:

First, secondly, thirdly, fourthly, finally

Answer: My younger brother, Ashish is a student of class eight. He works very hard, but he cannot do well in his examinations. One day he asked me how he could do well in the exanimation. This is what I told him: If you want to do well in your examination, here are some notes and advice. First, you have to study regularly and secondly you must not memorize things without understanding. Because memorizing things without understanding will not help you learn anything, rather it will only make you a parrot. Thirdly, you should not learn anything by a note from a common source. Because when the examiners find the same answer, in all the answer scripts they get fed-up and consequently they do not give good makes. So, you need to make your own notes and get them checked by your teachers. Fourthly, you have to revise what you have learned. Because revision works are essential to consolidate one’s learning. Finally, sometimes you may encounter uncommon questions in your examination. In this situation. you have to write your answer offhand. In order to do it effectively, you need to have a good command of your language. So, it is necessary for you to improve your language through regular practice.

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