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Paragraph on Failure in English

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Question: “Failure in English is a common matter in our country”.  Complete the following line in two paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you will write the causes and in the second paragraph, you will suggest the possible solution to it.

Failure in English

Answer: Failure in English is a common matter in our country. There are many reasons for the failure of the students in English and the reasons are not tar to seek. Firstly our education system is defective. The English textbooks for the students of our country are not suitable for them. Secondly, the students are not motivated to learn English. They think that it is unnecessary to spend time learning English. Moreover English is a foreign language. It seems difficult to them. So they do like to learn English. They think it is a mere wastage of time. Thirdly most of the so-called English teachers are not good at English. They are not competent and trained. They can not teach the students in a scientific way. Fourthly the students only cram the answers. In the examination hall, they forget what they have crammed. So the answers they write are incorrect. These are the reasons for which the students of our country fail in English.

Our faulty education system should be modified and improved. The English textbooks should be suitable for the students. The students should be encouraged to learn English. More trained and competent teachers should be appointed in schools and colleges. English teachers should have a good command of English. They should apply the scientific methods of teaching in the classroom. They should deliver their lecture in simple and lucid English.

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