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Paragraph on How to Observe Cleanliness

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Question: Write a paragraph advising your younger brother/sister as to how to observe the rules of cleanliness. You may use the following keywords:

First, then, next, after that, finally

Answer: My younger brother does not follow the rules of cleanliness. Therefore, I told him about it. First, he must wash his body with soap every day. he should get nails and hairs cut regularly. Then, he should wash his hands and face before meals. Next, he must put on clean clothes. It is also necessary to keep the dwelling-house clean. Sanitary or safety latrines should be used and both tile hands must be washed with soap or ashes after using the latrine. After that, I would advise him to brush the teeth regularly and systematically. Finally, he must not eat any stale or uncovered food. To keep the environment free from dust and pollution is the duty of everybody.

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