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Paragraph on The Important of Hygiene

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  • What does the word hygiene mean?
  • Why is hygiene thought to be next to godliness?
  • What should we do regularly to keep the body clean?
  • When should we wash our hands?
  • How much time do we brush our teeth?
  • What water should we drink to keep fit?

Answer: The word ‘hygiene means the practice of keeping ourselves clean. It also means keeping our homes and workplaces clean. It is important for our good health. Hygiene is thought to be next to godliness. It is because we cannot archive anything physically, mentally, or spiritually if we are unclean in our body, mind, and soul. Nobody likes an unclean person either. Therefore, we must follow the rules of hygiene. First, we must keep the body and hair free from dirt and bacteria. Secondly, it is also important to wash our hands before meals and after using the toilet. We should brush our teeth twice a day, after breakfast and supper. We must also cut our nails regularly. Our drinking water must be pure. We can get pure water by boiling and filtering. Finally, we should keep our surroundings and environment clean.

“Cleaning your house while your kids still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing”

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