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Paragraph on How to Prevent Disease

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There is an old saying that “Prevention is better than cure. So, in order to keep our body healthy, we should prevent diseases before they attack us. If you want to prevent diseases, you need to do certain things. To prevent diarrhea, wash your hands with soap before meals and after the toilet. Keep your nails short. To prevent yourself from skin diseases wash every day with soap and wash your clothes regularly. Don’t wear other people’s clothes and don’t use other people’s combs or towels. To prevent yourself from flu and TB, don’t spit and don’t cough over other people. Again, we can prevent diseases by vaccinating ourselves against some diseases such as TB, Diphtheria, Whooping cough, Tetanus. Polio and Measles One cannot do this by himself. Because these have to be done at one’s very early age. So. parents should be cautious to ensure these injections and vaccines to their children.

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