Paragraph on How to keep The Classroom Clean

Question: Write a paragraph telling your younger brother how he should keep him clean. You may use the following keywords to write your paragraph.

First, then, next, after that, finally

Answer: The keeping of the classroom clean is very essential. It is not a very hard job. First, you will get together all the students in the class and brief them about cleanliness. They should be given an idea of the necessity of cleanliness. You must want them a few groups. Such as ‘group A’ will brush, ‘group B’ will sweep the room. Then, one group will move the chair, table, and benches for easy cleaning. Another group will be ready to sweep the spider nets around the roofs and corners of the classroom. Next, the chair, table, and benches will be rearranged as they were before cleaning. After that, everybody will be ready to bust out all the dust from the chair, table, and benches. Finally, their hands and faces should be washed in water. However, students should take a special interest in cleaning the blackboard. Teachers want the blackboard clean at the beginning of the lesson.

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