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Paragraph on Our Classroom

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Question: write a paragraph in about 100-120 words on ‘Our classroom’. You have to use the following questions in writing this paragraph:

  1. Where is the location of your classroom in your school?
  2. How many doors and windows are there in your classroom?
  3. How many benches are there in your classroom?
  4. Where does the teacher keep the teaching aid?
  5. Is your classroom neat and clean?

Answer: the name of our school is ‘jamalpur district school’. It is a two-store eyed building. Our classroom is on the first floor of the building. It faces the south. It is a spacious room. It has two doors and eight windows. So, light and air can easily enter the room. The room can accommodate one hundred and twenty students. There are 24 low and high benches in the room. We sit on the low benches and keep our books on the high benches. There is a blackboard in the middle of the north side of the room. There are also a table and a chair there. The teacher sits on the chair and keeps his duster, chalk and other teaching aids on the table. As soon as our teachers discipline in the classroom, we never make a noise in the class. We like our classroom most because it is the best learning place.


Our Classroom


  1. What is a classroom?
  2. Where is your classroom?
  3. How is classroom furnished?
  4. How is the sitting arrangement?
  5. How do you keep it?
  6. How do you feel about your classroom?

Answer: the room which is used for teaching the students is called a classroom. Our classroom is a beautiful room. This room is on the ground floor of our school building. It is a very spacious and well-ventilated room. It can accommodate as many as sixty students. It has two doors and four windows. As a result, we get sufficient air and light. The room is well electrified with three fans and two-tube lights. There are twenty high benches and twenty low benches for the students. There is a platform with a chair and table for the teachers. There is a big blackboard fixed to the wall. The flower ground of the school is just in front of our classroom. We are very careful about keeping our classroom neat and clean. We feel very comfortable in our classroom. We are really proud of the room.


Our Classroom

Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. What is the classroom?
  2. Where is your classroom situated?
  3. How is your classroom?
  4. How many pieces of furniture are there?
  5. How many students can sit there?
  6. How do you maintain your classroom?
  7. How do you feel in your classroom?

Answer: A classroom is a place where classes are held. Ours is a one-storied brick-built building. My college is ‘L’ shaped. It has an open ground adjacent to the building, my classroom is located on the ground floor. It is south-faced having two doors and six windows. The windows have glass panes and side screens. It is also well ventilated. It has no lack of light and air. There are thirty benches in my classroom and they are arranged in three rows. In front of the students’ benches, a table and a chair for the teacher are placed on a concrete high platform. The revolving whiteboard is also placed on the platform the right side of the table. The geographical and political maps of Bangladesh as well as of the world are hung behind the teacher on the wall. It is also electrified and has two tube lights and four fans. The classroom can make room for sixty students. We always keep our room clean.

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