Paragraph on Your Classroom

Question: Write a paragraph on ‘Your Classroom’ by answering the following questions:

  1. What is a classroom?
  2. How is your classroom?
  3. How many students can be seated in your classroom?
  4. What things are there in your classroom?
  5. What are you’re feeling about your classroom?

Answer: The room which is used for holding class is called a classroom. My classroom is on the second floor of our school. It is a big room and almost eighty students can be seated there at a time. There is some furniture in my classroom which is nicely arranged. The furniture is a blackboard, a table and a chair for the teacher, fifteen high benches, five fans, fifteen low benches etc. All these things make my classroom excellent and feel comfortable there.


Your Classroom

Ours is a nice classroom. It is on the eastern side of our main building. It is a nice room. It has two doors and four windows. Therefore. we get plenty of light and air in our room. We have also fans in our room. There are a table and chair in front of us. The teacher sits on the chair and keeps his books and teaching materials on the table. We also write on it when the teacher asks us. We sit on benches and put our books on high benches. Our classroom is dear to us. We always keep it neat and clean.


My Classroom

My classroom is situated in the western part of the old building. It faces to the east. It has one door and three wide windows. It can accommodate more than eighty students. It is well ventilated. It has a platform. In it, there are twenty benches, a table and a chair for the teacher. At one corner to the right of the platform a blackboard stands. Our classroom is neat and clean. Our classroom is very fine to look at.

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