Application to The Headmaster for Hanging Some Electric Fans in The Classroom

Question: Suppose the students of your school suffer much from excessive heat. Now write an application to the headmaster for hanging some electric fans in the classroom.


The Headmaster,
Ghior D.N Pilot High School,
Ghior, Manikgonj

Subject: Prayer for hanging some electric fans in the classroom.


We, the students of your school, beg to draw your kind attention to the fact. Our school is housed in the tin shedded building. The classrooms are not spacious. But there are many students in every class. During the summer the rooms become very hot and suffocating. There is no electric fan in any of the rooms. So, it is almost impossible to attend classes during the summer season. Only hanging a few electric fans in the classroom can relief the students from this inconvenience.

May we, therefore. pray that you would be kind enough to make the necessary arrangement to hang a few electric fans for each classroom.

We remain,


Your most obedient student
Atiqur Rahman
Class IX
On behalf of the students of your school

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