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Essay on Which Do You Prefer, Being in A Large School or A Small One?

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I prefer being in a small school.

When I was in primary school, we had only about two hundred pupils in the school. I knew just about every teacher and pupil of the school. In fact, all of us knew each other and the school was like a huge family. The teachers were like uncles and aunts. The school mates were friendly. We really had great times together.

The atmosphere in school was terrific. We were small and we cared for each other. The headmaster was a kind man who knew how to look after children. He never had to cane anyone. The children simply loved being in school. So we never created any trouble.

Now I am in secondary school. This school has almost two thousand pupils. It is too large for my liking. Even after three years here I only know those in my class and some from other classes. The students are definitely less friendly here. So are the teachers. Whereas in my old school the teachers were like uncles and aunts, those here are just like strangers we meet on the streets. I am not saying all the teachers are like that, but I say quite a number of them do not seem to be bothered whether they know us or not.

As the school is divided into two sessions, those who come in the morning do not know those who come in the afternoon at all. The teachers themselves do not know all their colleagues. How can we students know all our school mates? It is impossible. This sort of thing does nothing to bring about a friendly atmosphere in the school.

Almost every month the headmaster cane some students, in public. I have never seen such a thing in my old school. I suspect the guilty pupils are merely trying to get some attention. They are sorely neglected. Most of these so-called ‘naughty’ brats come from the weaker classes. I had; on occasions, passed by those E and F classes. What do see? Pandemonium — I do not see any teachers in the classes and the students are left to their own devices. No wonder they break chairs and tables and make trouble. Then they are punished for their offenses, In the first place who is responsible for their neglect?

Fortunately am not in one of these classes. Otherwise, I would have been caned by now.

When I had to le.ave primary school to come up to secondary. I felt sad having to go away from a place that loved. However; in this large, impersonal school. I look forward to the day when I can leave. That is how different the two schools are. The small school really made me feel wanted.d and I enjoyed being there. This huge monster of a school makes me feel unwanted and does not enjoy being here.

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