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Paragraph on How I Celebrated the Last Independence Day

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  1. How was the national flag hoisted?
  2. What did you do after the hoisting of the flag?
  3. What did you do after road march?
  4. What did you do in the afternoon?
  5. What did you feel about the day?

Answer: I got up early in the morning on the day and hurried to the school. We all the students and teachers lined up in a semi-circle before the flag. Our headmaster hoisted the national flag with the singing of the national anthem by some students. We then saluted the flag, the symbol of our national pride and prestige. Then our headmaster gave a short speech. He said that we should hold the national flag in the high esteem and keep up its prestige at all costs. Then we took out a long procession and marched through different roads with various slogans. The road march is over, we assembled in the hall of the school where a meeting was held. Our headmaster took the chair. There some teachers. Gentlemen and some of our students delivered speeches suited the school field to take part in games and sports. In the evening, the school building was beautifully illuminated with a candle. Thus the Independence Day was celebrated in our school with great pomp, color, and splendors.

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