Paragraph on How to Observe the Victory Day

The 16th of December is our Victory Day. On this day we achieved our independence. We observe this day every year throughout the country. If you want to observe the day, you need to do certain things. First of all, make a committee including the teachers, Headmaster and the students. Make the Headmaster president of the committee. Then make a list of programmes you want to perform. You can arrange a march past. You can also arrange a cultural and discussion programme. Arrange a rehearsal programme in order to perform these programmes beautifully. Decorate your college campus one day before the final day. On that very day, wake up very early in the morning. Wear your uniform and go to the school premises. First of all, lay a wreath at the Shahid Minar. Hoist the national flag. Perform the march past. After that, you and your friends can sing some patriotic songs and recite some patriotic poems. Then you can participate in the discussion programme. You can explain the significance of the day. Finally, ask the president to put an end of the programme.

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