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The Significance of The Shaheed Minar

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  • Why was the central Shaheed Minar built?
  • What is the significance of the Shaheed Minar?
  • What does the Shaheed Minar symbolize?
  • What do the vertical lines stand for?

Answer: the central Shahid Minar was built to make the memory of the miters immortal who laid down their lives in 1952 in the historical language movement for the cause of our mother tongue. The significance of the Shahid Minar in our national life is very great. It symbolizes all the aspirations of Bengali identity and nationalism. It has been designed to focus on language movement as the central concept. The basic horizontal and vertical forms of the Shaheed Minar express the concept of Bengali solidarity and unity for their national identity. The vertical lines of the design suggest the inner strength. The vertical lines of the central structure suggest the balance and harmony of a united stand. Thus the Shahid Minar is not a mere mausoleum but is symbolizes our national hope and inspiration

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